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Directors and Officers

Ed Musgrove
Vice President
Jon Musgrove
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Michael Musgrove
Executive Director
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Roy Cosan
Sheriff's Dept. Liaison
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SDCLEF » Scholarships/Grants

SDCLEF provides Scholarships to qualified law enforcement officers and Grants for Safety Equipment to the eleven qualifying law enforcement agencies in San Diego County.


Grant Committee: Each year the San Diego County Law Enforcement Foundation invites the police departments and the Sheriff's Department in San Diego County to submit requests for grants to purchase safety equipment for their respective agencies. These grants purchase safety equipment that they were unable to buy with their regular budget.

Letters go out to the various agencies each year in March. Grants are usually awarded in July or August of each year.

Recent Equipment Grants

2018 Grants
Carlsbad Police Department 50 Emergency Field Tourniquets
Coronado Police Department 60 Trunk Mount Gun Vaults
El Cajon Police Department 5 Voice Projection Units
Escondido Police Department 4 Building Breaching Tools
Harbor Police 1 Hydraulic Door Opener Kit
La Mesa Police Department 1 Tactical Entry Tool Kit
Chula Vista Police Department 1 Thermal Camera Drone
National City Police Department 9 Red Firearms Safety Vests
Total 2018 Grants: $24,981
2015 Grants
Carlsbad Police Department Combat Tourniquets
Coronado Police Department Rescue Trauma Kits
El Cajon Police Department Forward Looking Infra-Red Imaging Device
Escondido Police Department Ballistic Helmets
Harbor Police Nautical Rescue Strobe Lights
Automated External Defibrillator
San Diego Police Department Combat Rescue Gauze Kits
Automated External Defibrillator
Total Grants: $20,965.00
2014 Grants
Chula Vista Police Department AED Defibrillator
Coronado Police Department Light set up 400W LED 12V Fiberjack tripod stand 15.4 ft.
El Cajon Police Department K-9 Training Bite Suit
Escondido Police Department Ballistic Tactical Vests
Harbor Police Mustang Survival, MRD100 Rescue Sticks, Training Rescue Stick
La Mesa Police Department Sniper Rifle System
National City Police Department Ballistic Armor Plate Carriers
Ballistic Armor Plate for Carriers
M4/M16 magazine pouches
San Diego Police Department Body Wire with Accessories
Computer to perform investigations on computers and cell phones
AED G3 Auto Package with hard case
Total Grants: $33,660.99
2013 Grants
Carlsbad Police Department Life Vests
Coronado Police Department Shooting Earmuff Protection
El Cajon Police Department Compact Tactical Shotguns
Escondido Police Department Tactical Vests
Harbor Police Protective Safety Glasses
La Mesa Police Department Folding Ballistic Shield
National City Police Department Medical Kits
San Diego Police Department AED Defibrillator
San Diego Sheriff's Department Ballistic Shield,
Tactical Backpack,
Cellular Response Console,
Survivor Aircrew Vests,
AED Defibrillator
Total Grants: $24,911.97
2012 Grants
Chula Vista Police Department AED G3 Defibrillator
Coronado Police Department Tactical Lights & accessories for rifles
El Cajon Police Department Night Vision Monocular
Escondido Police Department Ballistic Shields
Harbor Police Personal Locator Beacons
La Mesa Police Department Trunk First Aid Kits
National City Police Department Body Armor Suits
San Diego Police Department Mobile Infrared Transmitters,
Ballistic Shields,
Cameras and Monitors
San Diego Sheriff's Department Mobile Armored Shields
Total Grants: $29,887.41
2011 Grants
Carlsbad Police Department Defibrillator
Coronado Police Department Officer Video Cameras,
Safety Lights
El Cajon Police Department Body-Wire
Harbor Police Emergency Locator Beacons
La Mesa Police Department Radar Units
National City Police Department Drug Test Kits,
Hands Frre Translator
San Diego Sheriff's Department AED Trainers,
Disposable Respirators,
Ballistic Shield,
Medical Supplies
Total Grants: $26,184.53
2010 Grants
Carlsbad Police Department Defibrillator,
MyClyns (germ fighting spray)
Coronado Police Department Basic Life Support Kits,
Medical Supplies,
Quiqlite Pro Dual White PED Units
El Cajon Police Department Remote Area Lighting System
Escondido Police Department External Ballistic Vest Carriers & Support Equipment
Harbor Police Baton Accessories
La Mesa Police Department Powerheard AED Units
National City Police Department Respirator Fit Tester
San Diego Police Department Extricator,
Inflatable Vests,
Water Rescue Accessories
San Diego Sheriff's Department Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs,
Trauma Kits,
Rescue Kits,
Fire Extinguishers
Total Grants: $28,371.12

2009 Grants
Coronado Police Department Basic Life Support Kits,
medical supplies,
Frisbuoys (for water rescues)
El Cajon Police Department Pepper Ball Launching Systems,
Safety Officer's Vests
Escondido Police Department Tasers
Harbor Police Rescue Tools,
La Mesa Police Department Medical Kits
National City Police Department Portable Wireless Public Address System
San Diego Sheriff's Department Cardiac Science Powerheart AED
Total Grants: $27,796.10

2008 Grants
El Cajon Police Department Digital Recording Devices
Escondido Police Department Tasers
Harbor Police Lights
La Mesa Police Department PBX Telephone System
National City Police Department Safety Vests,
Incident command System (ICS) Kits
Oceanside Harbor Police Progressive Medical International AED Unit
San Diego Police Department Emergency Lights,
San Diego Sheriff's Department Powerheart AED G3 Plus,
Survivair units
Total Grants: $34,785.81

2007 Grants
El Cajon Police Department Laddershield,
Speed Detection Device
Harbor Police Rescue Tools,
Medical Kits
La Mesa Police Department Tasers
National City Police Department Turbo Flares
San Diego Police Department Reflector vests, camera
San Diego Sheriff's Department Automated External Defibrillator (AED),
Personal Alert Safety System ,
Nomex Fire Suits
Total Grants: $29,755.00

Thank You Letters

   Captain Sallee 2014 Scholarship
   La Mesa Police Department 2014 Grant
   San Diego Police Department 2013 Grant
   Harbor Police 2013 Grant
   Ofc. Burhans 2013 Scholarship
   Ofc. Kelso 2013 Scholarship
   San Diego Sheriff's Department 2011 Grant
   Harbor Police 2011 Grant
   La Mesa Police Department 2011 Grant
   El Cajon Police Department 2011 Grant
   Ofc. Benavides 2011 Scholarship
   La Mesa Police 2010 Grant
   Corondo article 2010
   Harbor Police 2008 Grant
   San Diego Police Department 2008 Grant
   San Diego Sheriff's Department 2008 Grant
   El Cajon Police Department 2008 Grant
   Ofc. Lanham 2008 Scholarship


Scholarship Committee: Each year the SDCLEF awards scholarships to qualifying officers. Each scholarship is worth $5,500. They are designed to assist officers acquire post graduate degrees that will enable them to promote within their departments and thereby benefit the citizens of San Diego County.

Applications for scholarships are sent out in April. Scholarships are generally awarded in July or August of each year.

2018 Scholarships
Capt. Mike McClain San Diego County Sheriff
Dep. Jessica Wilds San Diego County Sheriff
Lt. Amber Baggs San Diego County Sheriff
Sgt. Janice Kolhof Escondido Police Dept.
Lt. Carole Beason San Diego Police Dept.
Sgt. Ruben Gutierrez San Diego Police Dept.

2016 Scholarships
Cap. Marco Garmo San Diego Sheriff
Sgt. Pat McEvoy San Diego Sheriff
Dep. John Buckley San Diego Sheriff
Dep. Luis Pena San Diego Sheriff
Off. Jesse Ochoa San Diego Police Dept.
Sgt. Paul Yang San Diego Police Dept.

2015 Scholarships
Lt. Don Redmond Chula Vista Police Dept.
Dep. Chase Amos San Diego Sheriff
Dep. Jessica Boegler San Diego Sheriff
Dep. Nathan Rowley San Diego Sheriff

2014 Scholarships
Ofc. Jose Gayton La Mesa Police Dept. Criminal Justice
Lt. William "Vern" Sallee Chula Vista Police Dept. Administrative Studies w/Criminal Justice Emphasis

2013 Scholarships
Det. Christina Burhans San Diego Police Dept. Peace and Justice
Off. Briana Wallace San Diego Police Dept. Criminal Justice
Det. Sgt. Benjamin Kelso San Diego Police Dept. Organizational leadership
Det. Carmelin Rivera San Diego Police Dept. Executive Leadership
Det. Ruben Medina San Diego Sheriff Public Administration
Dep. Elizabeth Barr San Diego Sheriff Psychology

2012 Scholarships
Ofc. Joe Jones San Diego Police Dept. Criminology, Law & Society
Det. David Iorillo San Diego Police Dept. Organizational Leadership
Off. Brian Avera San Diego Police Dept. Public Administration
Dep. Mark Kelley San Diego Sheriff Management
Sgt. David Bavecoff National City Police Dept. Global Leadership

2011 Scholarships
Ofc. Jonathan Bamba San Diego Police Dept. Homeland Security
Ofc. Luis Benavides San Diego Police Dept. Criminal Justice
Sgt. Angela DeSarro La Mesa Police Dept. Administration of Justice
Ofc. Kelly Doherty San Diego Police Dept. Administration of Justice
Det. Christopher Zack Escondido Police Dept. Criminal Justice

2010 Scholarships
Det. Francis Giaime Chula Vista Police Dept. Conflict Resolution
Ofc. Daniel Hansen El Cajon Police Dept. Organizational Leadership
Det. Katherine Lynch La Mesa Police Dept. Administration of Justice
Ofc. Matthew Tortorella San Diego Police Dept. Business Administration

2009 Scholarships
Sgt. David Schaller San Diego Sheriff's Dept. Public Administration
Ofc. Jade Sawyer Carlsbad Police Dept. Organizational Leadership
Ofc. Jeffry Jordon San Diego Police Dept. Organizational Leadership

2008 Scholarships
Lt. David Bond La Mesa Police Dept. Psychology
Ofc. David Lanham San Diego Harbor Police Homeland Security
Det. Michelle Velovich San Diego Police Dept. Forensic Science

2007 Scholarships
Ofc. Jason Costanza San Diego Police Dept. Emergency Services Admin
Lt. Mark Elvin San Diego Sheriff's Dept. Organizational Leadership
Sgt. Thomas Evans San Diego Sheriff's Dept. Criminal Justice
Agt. Norene Andersen Chula Vista Police Dept. Business Administration
Det. Greg Runge La Mesa Police Dept. Law

2006 Scholarships
Sgt. Andrea Arreola San Diego Police Dept. Emergency Services
Dep. Karen Bloch San Diego Sheriff's Dept. Criminal Justice
Lt. Mike Loarie Escondido Police Dept. Executive Leadership
Victor Rivera San Diego Sheriff's Dept.

2005 Scholarships
Lt. Patricia Duke San Diego Sheriff's Dept.
Lt. Daniel Hardman Chula Vista Police Dept.
Sgt. Edward Musgrove San Diego Sherriff's Dept.
Sgt. Lanny Roark National City Police Dept.
Sgt. Christopher Wynn Escondido Police Dept.