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San Diego Golf Classic

The SDCLEF will hold its second annual Golf Classic on Friday April 17, 2015 at the Riverwalk Golf Club in Mission Valley. Contests include closest to the pin, straightest drive, and men's and women's longest drive.

Plan to join us. See more details.

Upcoming Tour of the San Diego Regional Police Academy

Once again, the San Diego County Law Enforcement Foundation will be hosting a tour of the San Diego Regional Police Academy on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. The Academy is located at 10440 Black Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 02126, on the Miramar College campus. The tour will begin at 5:00 pm and conclude at approximately 7:30 pm.

Members and guests will be allowed to engage in police training exercises and examine sophisticated law enforcement equipment. Participation will include an interactive video shoot / no shoot exercise, using the driving simulator, shooting some pepper balls and bean bags following a Less Lethal Weapons demonstration, and for some brave volunteers, testing the Taser. The K-9 and SWAT teams will also provide informative demonstrations.

The cost for this event is $30 per person; registration is limited to forty people. At the conclusion of the tour, we will provide soft drinks and pizza.
Checks should be made payable to SDCLEF and mailed to:
Bob Davenport
6184 Del Paso Avenue
San Diego, CA 92120-3132

Please RSVP to Bob Davenport at Bob Davenport

San Diego Central Jail Tour

On September 18th, 2013, the SDCLEF hosted a tour of the San Diego Central Jail facility. The group was welcomed by Sheriff Bill Gore and treated to a delicious dinner in the Officers' Dining Room. For dessert the kitchen staff prepared a cake decorated with the SDCLEF logo. The tour included Intake, Processing, Medical and a Housing Unit visit.

This was one of several special events that the Foundation sponsors throughout the year.

SDCLEF - Raising Money For Good Causes

Providing protection and safety for our families against violence, crime and law breaking citizens is the responsibility of our sheriffs and police officers. Sometimes their ability to do their job efficiently is hindered by lack of proper equipment or training within their department, which is usually the result of budgetary constraints.

The San Diego County Law Enforcement Foundation has funded many different programs and underwritten the cost of new equipment for San Diego County Police and Sheriff’s Departments so that these public servants can perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Please see our Scholarships/Grants section for more information.